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everyone can afford it and have fun...

The Pano Flip Book is not an exlusive product. It is designed and priced for everyone no matter if they need the book for their commercial webpage or non-commercial homepage. The prices start from just 0 Euro (free) and end at 100 Euro. For just 35 Euro with a licence that will let you use the Pano Flip Book commercially and display virtual panoramas inside pages and import it into other applications - this seems to be a bargain!

There are 3 options of the book: STANDARD, PRO, DOMAIN. All versions have the same features. What makes them different is the Pano Flip Book logo. All versions need FPP licence to run panorama inside the book. FPP files are not included in the package.

All versions have context menu saying "About Pano Flip Book" and you are not allowed to remove it. If you remove the context menu with other software or as3 code you are obligated to add to the context menu the following text: "About Pano Flip Book" with a link to

You also agree not to remove any logo from the stage in any version.

Here is the table that shows the differences

35 Euro
100 Euro
book's hiperlink-logo
1 small
domain protected
possible to embed
need FPP licence
context menu: "About Pano Flip Book"

In addition, if you are a photographer and you take panoramas commercially we have a very special offer for you. If you don't like the book's logo and buy the PRO version you may have the DOMAIN version for just 15 Euro - for only 50 Euro you will be issued 2 book licences: PRO and DOMAIN (for one domain) - this version is called PHOTOGRAPHER. The DOMAIN version of the book will be issued only for photographer's domain.

If a photographer makes a virtual tour for his client that client has a special licence offer:
1) remove the book logo from one specyfic application for just - 10 Euro
2) buy a domain licence for 50% of the standard price of domain licence - 50 Euro.

Please contact me if you want one of the above licences.

Before you buy the book please register with our forum first.
This registration is important as it will be the ONLY way to get support no matter if you use a free or commercial version.
Your Name and Surname are needed for the Licence purposes.
The forum User Name is needed so we will know who we should give the full access to the forum.
Your forum email is needed as this will be your Licence email.
Your domain is needed if you buy the DOMAIN or PHOTOGRAPHER version of the book.
Each book will be issued different Licence.
By providing us the details we ask for you speed up the licence process and will have your new book quickly.

By buying the book you agree with the TERMS OF USE (LICENCE).

IMOPRTANT! The book uses Flipbook Panorama Player as a panorama player. FPP needs additional licence. FPP files are not included in the book package.