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A few words about the Pano Flip Book

why this one?

Welcome to the future of online publications and virtual tours. With Pano Flip Book you can at last combine the immersive experience of interactive panoramas with the popular realistic page flipping effect. You are now able to create stunning flip books that mimic the satisfaction of flicking through a real magazine, a magazine that contains text, images, animations, videos, music, web links, and fully interactive panoramas. Build a dynamic flash based book that loads external content through an editable XML file. Innovative and creative, Pano Flip Book can realise your vision. Unleash your creativity.

Main features of the Pano Flip Book:
  • easy to use for everyone >
  • spherical panoramas will display using Flash Panorama Player (knowledge of FPP is not necessary)
  • full page support (left and right pages together)
  • jpg, png, swf support including transparency
  • spots with interactivity
  • supprt for book page plugins
  • video plugin
  • text and link creating via xml
  • fullscreen button
  • pdf button
  • music player built in & spot music
  • buttons next and previous plus quick page box
  • user logo
  • 2 backgrounds (bitmap and object)
  • all elements can be separately configured
  • easy configuration via book's xml
  • little processor usage
  • forum for help and support

Pano Flip Book is not just a book - it is an interactive book player created by a virtual tour creator and for virtual tour creators. It is the most interactive book on the net.

Pages of the book are created in a special way, this insures the book uses little processor power so more advanced interactive content can be used on pages.

A more advanced user can create his/her own plugins for the book and get extra control over the book or its content. All is well documented in the supporting forum and you will always get an answer for your question.

The book uses simple xml file for creating its content, every user get additional files - creating an extraordinary book is just a piece of cake for everyone.

Pano Flip Book version 2 is now available!

I have finished version 2 of the Pano Flip Book. I also reorganize the Pano Flip Book webpage. Since version 2 the book is not just a simple tool but a very advanced book player. As all got rather complected people will need decent documentation about how to use the book. I started writing the book documentation here: documentation. One of the changes in version 2 is that there will be only one book for everyone, with version 2 every file or folder can be changed, renamed and is configurable, there will be a domain protection and there will be version PRO and DOMAIN but for those book versions I will issue special keys, every book user will have his/her own key. The key removes logos. PRO version, since the book can be loaded into another movie clip and can be a plugin for another movie clip, will have a small logo on the front page only. DOMAIN version will not have logos at all, STANDARD version that is published on the book's main page will have logos. To remove the logos just buy the book and you will receive your key that will make your STANDARD version PRO or DOMAIN. I also open the Pano Flip Book forum for guests to read and added lots of new boards to make it easy to write a question or find an answer.

Version 2 completely reorganized the book code, this let me make lots of code open source, now probably this is the only commercial book that has so much code open source, this also makes the book open for developers, version 2 was written in the way to allow everyone full control of the book and its elements, there are lots of functions that are public, these functions called directly will allow users to set up a communication between the book and other software and the other way the software and the book - all this will be described on the documentation page, just allow me some time to do that.

With version 2 I created a download page - everyone can use or at least try the book, play with it. Here is the the link to download the book. The main package is, it consists all folders and files the book needs - there are no fla files. The other links are open source plugins or other files that are open source, you don't need them if you can't edit as3 files. All plugins are written using classes and the plugin packages consist .as files. There is one swf file - it is the book itself swf file. Once you downloaded the package and want to upgrade the book file just download the swf file.

Please allow me some time to write the documentation for the book, if you have a question, you are welcome to post it on the forum.

Here are additional features of the Pano Flip Book version 2
  • plugin structure for the interface
  • most plugins are open source
  • plugins can communicate with the book and the book can communicate with plugins
  • the book can now be loaded into another movieclip with both ways communication
  • the book can be a plugin for Flash Panorama Player with both ways communication
  • the book can be a plugin for KRPano Panorama Player with both ways communication
  • the book has page auto flip
  • the book can show pages in a gallery
  • the book can generate a real pdf on the fly (what you see is what you will see in a pdf file
  • many books in one application
  • the book can be auto sized to desired width or height of the stage
  • the book can be dragged or all elements can be dragged
  • javascript support through book's spots or plugins
  • automatic resize of plugins
  • full communication between plugins
  • panorama can be inside or outside the book
and many more

Here are simple demos what is possible to do when the book is a plugin for FPP or KRPano

FPP PLayer:
KRPano Player

Sorry, they are not the best demos possible, but with time I will make some better ones.