Book's Features

what the book can do...

The book is from the beginning designed to have some very special features. This is the only flipping book so far that can display virtual panoramas 360°. In order to be able to do it the book has full page (left and right together) design and it can load very complicated content into pages. However panoramas loaded right into pages might lead into problems so the book is designed to omit this problems, it has a special loader that loads panoramas only into a page that is being displayed at the moment. The book uses one of the best panorama engines on the market - it is Flipbook Panorama Player. FPP is designed to create virtual tours, so is the book! Every element of the book has its own settings, You can change the color, X and Y of the element on the stage and many more... The Pano Flip Book is XML driven. You just need to prepare the elements of your presentation and pages and fill the xml file. And the presentation is ready!

Main features of the Pano Flip Book:

Easy to use for everyone

The book uses simple xml file for configuration, you can edit it with a notepad. The Flipbook Panorama Player in version STANDARD of the book is built in, there is no need to edit and to know it. You just write in the xml file the path to your panorama, a quick time (mov) file or jpg and the book will do the rest for you. For a more advanced user the FPP xml files are available to edit the normal way you always do it.

Spherical panoramas will display using Panorama Player

Flipbook Panorama Player is one of the best and well know flipbook panorama player. It is designed to create virtual tours using hotspots. Having this player built in the book you can make even more breath taking tours. For example you can see here: Royal Baths Park 2429.

Full page support

The book's demo page is 400px * 340px but the book needs full page: 800px x 340px. Left page and right page need to be joined.

Jpg, png, support including transparency.

"Go to page", next and previous, fullscreen, pdf, and music player buttons.

Go to page box, next and previous buttons, fullscreen button, pdf button for downloading external pdf and an equalizer button. You can change the fullscreen and pdf buttons' icons, the color of texts and the equalizer, additionally you can change the equalizer size and number of bars to suite your presentation. Additionally you can set the X and the Y of these elements on the stage and align the to left, right, top or bottom. Standard version of the book has align feature limited to bottom.

User logo.

Through an additional loader you can upload your own logo into the presentation just by writing the path to the logo in the book's xml. The book will do the rest. Additionally you can set the X and the Y of the logo on the stage and align the to left, right, top or bottom.

2 backgrounds.

The book serves 2 (two) backgrounds. First background is a bitmap (jpg, gif), it will stretch to the width and the height of the stage - this image needs to be quite big. For the PRO version there is an additional background available. It is designed to be an html file but it can be a bitmap too. I needs to have its size, for example 900px x 700px. This background will align in the middle and all elements of the book can be align to according to this background - this background is a great feature for creating presentations. If it is an html file it can have interactive sound - something will happen when the music player will stop or start playing music. You can see a sample at the Royal Baths Park 2429 presentation.

All elements can be separately configured.

The Pano Flip Book is more than a book. It is like an interface that places elements on the stage using xml settings. The book is designed to give you as much freedom in creating virtual tours as possible. So every element of the book can be individually configured. You have control over the X, the Y, align, color and sometimes shape as some elements use a loader to load and external icon or background.

Easy configuration via book's xml.

The book is XML driven. You can edit it with a notepad. Then all the settings in the xml file are passed to the book. No matter what version of the book you have - do not remove the settings. It might lead into some strange behaviour of the book.

Little processor usage.

Spots and interactivity.

With version 1.30 the Pano Flip Book became probably the most interactive panorama page turn book on the net. It is not just a flipbook any more - it is a flipbook player that can display fully interactive content including virtual panoramas and create interactive content through spots feature.

Possible spot types in the book:
  • area
  • image (including jpg, png, html and gif)
  • text
  • audio
  • plugins
  • video implemented through plugins

and here are the functions that are possible through spots added in book's xml:
  • http (for external link)
  • mail (for external mail)
  • spot (to load/unload spot)
  • show (to show/load spots)
  • hide (to hide spots)
  • move (to move)
  • play (to play/mute music, music can also load into page automatically)
  • page (to go to page)
  • loadPano (to load panorama)
  • pano ( to set new panorama size)
Almost every element of the demo book has been created with spots (including texts).

Forum for help and support.

When using a new tool, there are always questions. To help book users create their own extraoridinary presentations, there is a forum set up under this link. Everyone can register and ask questions, but only book users will get full access to the forum and only their technical questions will be answered. If you want to participate in the forum and you are planning to buy the book - register with us. After the payment for the book is received you will be granted a full access to the forum.