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what you agree with by downloading the book ...

By downloading the Pano Flip Book files you agree with the following terms:
  • Pano Flip Book will not be used to promote illegality or for illegal purposes.
  • You are granted a non-exclusive licence.
  • One licence grants you permission to use Pano Flip Book on a single computer. If you need to use it on more computers, the appropriate number of licences should be purchased.
  • You may use Pano Flip Book for commercial or personal projects.
  • You may use Pano Flip Book on any number of domains (except DOMAIN version).
  • Pano Flip Book files can be passed to your clients without the purchase of additional licences. The clients, however, are not allowed to change the book's files. If they wish to change the files they need their own licence.
  • Pano Flip Book files must not be passed to clients without the licence files. Without valid licence files, the Pano Flip Book will be considered an illegal copy. Pano Flip Book swf file and the licence must come from the licenced user, if they don't the copy of Pano Flip Book will be considered an illegal copy.
  • You agree not to distribute your Pano Flip Book files except for your own projects.
  • You agree NOT TO REMOVE "About Pano Flip Book" from the context menu and will not change the link to Pano Flip Book web page.
  • You agree NOT TO REMOVE any of logo from the project's stage (except DOMAIN version that has no logo at all).
  • You will not change, process, decompile or disassemble Pano Flip Book swf files, including main file and the AutoPanoSwitchBook plugin for html Panorama Player.
  • You agree to use versions STANDARD, PRO and DOMAIN of the Pano Flip Book with appropriate Flipbook Panorama Player licence.
  • Pano Flip Book is distributed "as is" and no responsibilty for computer errors arising from its use will be accepted.
  • The prices are valid for the products distributed at the time of the purchase. The Pano Flip Book may be subject to further development. Any future upgrades/versions will be considered new products. Licenced users may be offered upgrades at a reduced rate.

IMOPRTANT! The book uses Flipbook Panorama Player as a panorama player. FPP needs additional licence. FPP files are not included in the book package.

The swf book file: panoFlipBook.swf (v2.02 at this moment) is included in the package, if you download the latest panoFlipBook_v.xx.swf file, rename it to panoFlipBook.swf and replace the one from the zip package.

The files are source codes of the plugins, the Pano Flip Book package include all the plugins in swf format, the plugins will always be downloadable.

Download the Pano Flip Book v.2 files.

Update Info

version 2.0.1 - this update will allow to use Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player with the book.
This demo uses only 1 player file (27,5kB) then all the other settings are passed using either as3 variables or loaderInfo variables. It is a very simple player and it is not perfect, however it is the only panorama html player I know that uses so little CPU power.

You can purchase the player with the source code on ActiveDan:

version 2.0.2 - this update is a little error update, to be honest when working on version 2, I blocked one function and forgot to unblock it - this caused strange flipping on the cover page, everyone should upgrade

version 2.0.3 - this update is a little error update, the book files didn't resize properly at start, now they do

version 2.0.4 - I implemented 2 things that will make your life with Pano Flip Book easy, I added 2 different actions for page nodes.
a page node from version 2.04 now can look this way: <page page_url="" page_X="" page_Y="" background="" action="" oneaction="">

1) page turn action - action="" for page node

<page page_url="" page_X="" page_Y="" background="" action="show:5|hide:3">
this will fire actions on page turn - it does the same thing as plugin_set_onstart_settings
useful to show, hide interactive spots that a user could have showed or hidden

plugin_set_onstart_settings is not needed any more

2) one time action when a page is turn - oneaction="" for page node

<page page_url="" page_X="" page_Y="" background="" oneaction="spot:1">
this will fire actions of oneaction only once when the first time a particular page is seen by a user, for example
<page page_url="" page_X="" page_Y="" background="" action="" oneaction="spot:1">
this will show/hide a spot or load/hide a spot
useful with large number of pages!

use like this:
<page page_url="" oneaction="spot:1" >
<spot type="plugin" id="1" load="false" url="bookpages/cs4planets.swf"/>

the spot is load="false" - this means it will be added to the library but not loaded, action spot:1 takes opposite actions, for example if a spot is visible = "false" or load = "false" - it will load the spot to make it visible or just make it visible - really useful for load = "false" for spot types image and plugin when we want the plugin or image to be loaded after a user goes to a particular page

with this oneaction you can create a book with 300 pages and the book will load in seconds as page content like additional images or plugins will load only when a user turns to a page on which they are located

info for page plugins only:
this way the book fires a page event before the plugin is loaded - to solve setting up listeners of the plugin, just use this function in the plugin: getCurrentPage(null);

version 2.0.5 - this update will allow to use dynamic xml for DOMAIN version of the book. The book key is constructed this way that the PRO and DOMAIN versions use a specially generated file instead of the xml file. The book reads the xml file only on a localhost or local machine. Since version 2.05 the user can choose a file the book should use: either the specially generated book file or the xml file. This little trick will work only with a DOMAIN version of the book. A new parameter was added to the <parameters> node: dynamic_xml. This update will make it possible to write a sort of GUI for the book xml file.

Add an additional setting to the <parameters> node: dynamic_xml = true, upload both files, the specially generated book file and the xml file (both must be the same name and both must be in the same location), if the book is a DOMAIN version, the book checks dynamic_xml parameter and if the dynamic_xml = true the book will use the xml file as the main book file.